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Upcoming Events: For the Month of October

October 13th: YMCA Hosts Fall Fest 6-8pm

October 14th: GGCC Bonfire (Talk John or Kellie for Location or contact one of our pages!

October 15th: Quarterly Church Meeting After Service @1pm.
Discover GGCC TBA:

October 22nd: BAPTISM SUNDAY!! After Service.

October 29th: Communion Sunday during Service.

The initial phase of any relationship is discovery.  Before you commit to anything, you probably want to learn who someone is, what they believe, and what they are passionate about.  It’s no different with a church, but it can be more daunting.  We want to help!  DISCOVER GGCC, a 30 minute gathering, is your first step in getting to know us and helping us get to know you.  You’ll get a chance to hear from Pastor Kenny Morgan and First Lady Toni Morgan, and ask questions.  DISCOVER GGCC event is every 2nd Sunday of the month, following the service (approximately 1:00 pm).  There will be a light refreshments provided.  Register for one of the upcoming DISCOVER GGCC gatherings below.

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